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Serverless and lambda: what to do when you run out of disk space

Posted: 2018-05-16 | 4 minute read

The journey to take serverless to the extreme and whole-heartedly build a CMS without any EC2 or RDS instances or even a humble VPC has been interesting to say the least. But today, I discovered something which I thought would be gone forever, in the form of a nice little message: no space left on device Say, wha? Now, I thought I’d be free of this kind of error.


Common website vulnerability scans found in logs

Posted: 2018-04-06 | 4 minute read

The other day I had a look around some website traffic logs and I found a lot of references to the following files. After a bit of Google ‘research’, I thought I’d write something down. I do like to monitor the number of 404 errors over time to keep things clean and going through logs is a great way to do this. Favicon.ico is a classic missing file (which I haven’t got around to doing for this site yet!


Adjusting the solution when S3 doesn't quite fit the bill

Posted: 2018-04-04 | 4 minute read

So it turns out using S3 as a data store and pseudo-query engine isn’t all that crash hot. Sure, it “works” with about 200 items but for sites pushing thousands of files of content, you can quickly see it’s not ideal to pull down large chunks of file lists. It’s also pretty poor at some of the more rich functionality like listing some header information or metadata about each file which would require additional S3 calls for each file.


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