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My Favourite Project

Posted: 2019-04-16 | 5 minute read

You know what, blogs like this one got me thinking. Some people work on a lot of projects over their lifetime, but what makes a project really stand out as a great experience? If you haven’t read Ben’s article, I suggest you do because it starts to discuss ways in which projects can become unexpectantly enjoyable. Like a lot of people in IT (or technology or digital or whatever it’s called these days), I’ve had my fair share of great projects and down-right average ones.


Them Dial-up Days

Posted: 2019-04-04 | 13 minute read

Times were easier back then. You know, that familiar sound of the modem happily dialing and churping away as it negotiated the best speed your phone line can support. Today’s post is a bit of a retrospective about the days gone by: Them Dial-up Days. One apology ahead of time: most of this predates when I had a digital camera (and why would I take a photo of a dial-up modem anyway?


Architecture update for Serverless CMS with AWS and Hugo

Posted: 2019-03-30 | 6 minute read

It’s been a year since I initially wrote about Building a serverless CMS using AWS and Hugo and I figured it was probably a good time to provide an update on the architecture for Koi CMS, a serverless CMS. It’s progressed quite a bit over the past twelve months. Kicking things off with a meaty diagram (click to zoom): Uh yeah, it sure has grown over time. Still manageable, but certainly not as simple as it once was!


LAN Party: a retrospective

Posted: 2019-03-03 | 15 minute read

Back in the day, I used to attend a fair amount of LAN parties. Dragging my PC and giant CRT monitor along to random houses to play games all night sure was fun so I’m going to look back at what all the fuss was about. What’s a LAN party, anyway? (I’ll save the hassle and just call them “LANs” from now on) For those who aren’t familiar, haven’t been or haven’t heard about ‘em, I’d say there’s a basic formula although no two LANs will be the same.


On being an Engineering Manager

Posted: 2019-02-15 | 11 minute read

I’ve been acting in the role of Engineering Manager for 6 months now, so it’s a good time to review how things are going. Some of the points below could be obvious to some and not everything will work in all situations, but I hope I can accurately describe my perspective. A little bit of background for you, first, to set the scene. The organisation I work for had endured several restructures over the past few years, but the most recent one was probably the most impactful for me.