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Hanging up the Fusion Delusion mic one last time

Posted: 2018-03-12 | 3 minute read

The Fusion Delusion What? The Fusion Delusion was a radio programme on community radio station Eastside Radio 89.7fm from February 2011 to February 2018. It showcased fusion jazz from all around the world, but particularly focused from the years 1969 until the modern era. Artists like Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, The CAB and Jean-Luc Ponty were favourites, alongside Chick Corea and Return to Forever, of course! Common segments included Disco Track of the Week (DTOTW), which slowly morphed into Laser Soul Track of the Week (LSTOTW) over time due to the refinement of early 80’s synth criteria.


Building a serverless CMS using AWS and Hugo

Posted: 2018-03-12 | 9 minute read

So lately I’ve been keeping myself busy by developing my own CMS. It’s an interesting project despite the fact that there are already so many Content Management platforms to choose from, but I’ve come up with something that works well for me. Here are my thoughts on the process. But first! A special mention to Hugo. It is such a simple way to build fast sites. Very impressed. You should check it out.


Juniper SRX210 PPPoA Configuration for Internode

Posted: 2017-06-25 | 4 minute read

So I figured I’d start to upgrade my home network and replace my aging Cisco SRP527W, which seems to be getting pretty flaky these days on the old WiFi. The idea was to replace the SRP527W which was serving a bit of an all-in-one box with multiple boxes, with each doing one thing only. My main objective was to keep the same set of functions, which are: ADSL modem, Annex M capable Wifi access point VOIP + Dial Gizmo for keeping that old rotary pulse-dial phone going … and a router I suppose!


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