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Juniper SRX210 PPPoA Configuration for Internode

Posted: 2017-06-25 | 4 minute read

So I figured I’d start to upgrade my home network and replace my aging Cisco SRP527W, which seems to be getting pretty flaky these days on the old WiFi. The idea was to replace the SRP527W which was serving a bit of an all-in-one box with multiple boxes, with each doing one thing only. My main objective was to keep the same set of functions, which are: ADSL modem, Annex M capable Wifi access point VOIP + Dial Gizmo for keeping that old rotary pulse-dial phone going … and a router I suppose!


Watching movies when you don't really have enough time

Posted: 2016-03-10 | 2 minute read

A colleague recently blogged on our internal blog system about an article describing how the BBC is building personalised media “remixes” for audiences. You can read the article here: Part of the concept is that the clips and media delivered to the audience is based on how much time the user has to occupy themselves with content from the BBC. This reminded me of something I tried a little while back which I found really useful, and it’s all about trying to best use what little time all of us have to enjoy entertainment.


ABC Digital Network launches two new blogs this week

Posted: 2016-02-16 | 1 minute read

The ABC has launched two blogs this week, which is a great move towards showcasing some of the technology behind Australia’s largest public broadcaster. ABC Digital Network The Digital Network is the team behind all digital services at the ABC. The blog will cover all manner of things about how digital services are delivered through things like OneABC and human-centred design. Read all about it here. ABC Digital Network - Developers If you are more like a developer or are fans of things of a more technical nature, then the ABC Digital Network Developers blog is probably more suited to you.


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