Things to consider when comparing houses and property

📅 Posted 2014-12-18

Here is an incomplete list of things to consider when looking for that perfect property, beyond simply a count of bedrooms or the type of property for sale.

Edit May 2015: Added more things to the checklist

  • Public transport
  • Aspect
  • Traffic
  • Ensuite
  • Bedroom size
  • Renovated
  • Date originally built
  • Land size
  • View
  • Last sold
  • Garage
  • Street Parking
  • Storage
  • Floor material (carpet, timber, tiles?)
  • Internet availability and speed
  • Nearest shopping centre
  • Are there any undesirable facilities nearby (tip, gaol, etc)?
  • Wall construction material
  • Roof construction material
  • Level of natural light
  • Quality fittings
  • Utility connections such as electricity, gas, water, internet/NBN
  • Powerpoints in each room
  • Ambient noise level
  • Neighbours - neat/quiet/friendly
  • Backyard size, aspect, views
  • Privacy - do houses overlook the yard?
  • Overall condition
  • Property inspection report: pest and building
  • Security - bars, alarm, screen door, electric shutters, fencing, gate, rollerdoors
  • Access - front, rear, corner block (side)
  • Colour - makes more of an impression than you would think, but can often be changed
  • … and so the list goes on

Now, perhaps someone could turn this list into a ““property analysis”” website/app/tool to make comparing properties easier, but I suppose it would be difficult to generate all of the details without having to enter them in manually.

What do I mean?

Well, consider if a house has a northerly-aspect. Great for us in the southern hemisphere if you like a warm and light house, not so good for those in the northern hemisphere where the sun is not in the same position. Sometimes you can tell easily, but often there will be buildings blocking the aspect or simply no windows and the floor plan is not easily obtainable.

That’s just one point of comparison, now imagine a whole list of factors?

That would be interesting. Someone should totally build it so I can use it.

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