ABC Digital Network launches two new blogs this week

📅 Posted 2016-02-16

Feature Image for ABC Digital Network launches two new blogs this week

The ABC has launched two blogs this week, which is a great move towards showcasing some of the technology behind Australia’s largest public broadcaster.

ABC Digital Network

The Digital Network is the team behind all digital services at the ABC. The blog will cover all manner of things about how digital services are delivered through things like OneABC and human-centred design. Read all about it here.

ABC Digital Network - Developers

If you are more like a developer or are fans of things of a more technical nature, then the ABC Digital Network Developers blog is probably more suited to you. Upcoming topics include all cool things about media transcoding, recommendations, optimising file transfers for huge files in the cloud, audio normalisation, refactoring and all other kinds of great topics. Check it out!

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