Green Book - Movie Review

📅 Posted 2019-08-05

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Green Book

United States (2018)

8.2 on IMDB

I had never heard of Green Book before and that surprised me. Normally, I like to get into all of the music-related movies and even more so, the historical music movies. But this one? Slipped my feed, obviously.

Green Book is a movie about a working class white Italian-American bouncer who turns into a national Uber driver for an African-American classical musician, Dr. Don Shirley. They go on a tour through the American South in the 1960s despite many racial slurs and almost tour-ending moments.

Dr. Don Shirley is a real person, which adds a lot of credibility to the story and I must do some more research on him as I know he only just passed away a few years ago in 2013.

The bouncer, Tony Lip, did annoy me quite a bit on occasion because he’s just so set in his ways: littering, talking rough, doing dirty deals and the like. I like those rough kinds of Italian-American accents, not sure what it is about it, probably because it reminds me of Sal from Spike Lee’s 1989 movie Do the Right Thing.

3 stars

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