My goals for 2020

📅 Posted 2020-03-23

Everyone has their own list. Written or otherwise. Some have New Years Resolutions (I don’t). I don’t normally write down such a list and even less publish it on the web. So here goes, my first “goals this year” list.

Oh yes, I realise it’s already late March ⚠️, but hey, it takes some time to get around to these things!

(in no particular order)

  1. At home: finish a moderate house project such as a deck with a roof
  2. Extra-curricular: play the piano every day (I’m definitely failing this one already) and learn new songs
  3. Side-project: build and launch my super secret open source music web app
  4. In my career: successfully wrangle the digital architecture at the ABC
  5. Big buys: acquire an electric car

I think most of these are pretty achievable despite the COVID-19 outbreak currently facing the world. Oh, fun times there.

Let’s see how far I get through this list later on in the year!

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