New Section: Garden Diary

📅 Posted 2020-06-30

I’ve launched a new feature on this site - which is basically a place for me to keep track of changes to our suburban garden.

The plan is to have things like:

  • A catalogue of all plants in our garden
  • Micro updates as things change… hopefully for the best (hoping not to share the passinig of plants which is sometimes inevitable)
  • Links off to other sources to learn more about some of the plants we have
  • Just basically an online place to share our garden with people!

So far, almost 100 plants are listed which is waaay more than I honestly thought we had packed into our tiny place called home.

I did want to launch an online garden diary service (affectionately called Yard), but Koi CMS kind of got in the way of that in some respects. So instead, I’ve decided to use Koi to at least publish one diary and then see if the idea is still a good one. If so, I might pick up Yard again one day. On balance, it does feel good to actually nail a project like Koi.

You can check it out here!

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