My site on a text-based browser

📅 Posted 2021-08-13

Super quick post today, could probably be a tweet, but eh!

Here’s what this site looks like on a text-based browser, in this case, Lynx:

My website as shown on text-based web browser, lynx

Not bad I reckon. I can imagine a lot of modern sites look pretty trash in CLI mode. But I guess this site is hardly trying to be “modern” from it’s design, I mean, chiselled buttons that look like buttons? That would never be allowed in a modern site!

The reason why I’m trying this is because I have an old Atom-based HP 2140 netbook and it really struggles to render modern sites on Chromium or Firefox. I mean, to the point where it’s quicker to go and find my phone and use that instead. The netbook has a better keyboard of course! But still. The reference site here is Bunnings, which is definitely not God’s gift to the high performance web, but I was hoping to at least browse the catalogue on the little old netbook!

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