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📅 Posted 2022-03-13

A little while ago I wrote about My favourite YouTube channels right now (in fact, that was almost exactly 1 year!) and more recently I’ve been getting into music a whole lot more.

Something that accelerated this process is the purchase of a much quieter piano that can be played at night, with headphones, without really disturning anyone.

It’s amazing how much more I’m able to play simply without having to worry about waking up the neighbours or causing a fuss.

So, recommended if unsure. The action isn’t perfect (nothing beats the real thing) but the included sounds are amazing.

But yes, back to the topic at hand, and that’s YouTube. I’m really loving watching many different creators right now, but today I wanted to share some of my favourite muso related channels and why they’re worth checking out.

Adam Neely

Back in my post from last year, I also featured Adam Neely and he’s the only one common to both of my blogs. His production and style is top-notch and whilst I only understand a fraction of what he has to say, it’s always SUPER interesting. I never found music theory very accessible when I was first learning how to play the piano and yet, it’s addictive to watch on YouTube.

Charles Cornell

Coming in close to Adam is of course Charles Cornell. Sure, Charles might not have Super Fast Instagram Q&A, but he makes up for that by having fun “jazz muso” takes on theme songs from TV shows (which apparently shouldn’t be as good as they are - just look at his incredulous reactions!). Again, Charles is super heavy on the music theory - often more deep in the piano space due to being a pianist himself - but so, so worth checking out. I feel like I need to pause and rewind his videos a few times - not because he is difficult to understand (he does a great job at explaining concepts) - but because I want the theory to really sink in.

Charles also runs an academy with lessons on learning music - something I haven’t looked at in depth - but certainly looks like a great place to start learning for a beginner.

Fonzi M

Heading locally now, to an Aussie music producer known for turning up to random pianos (including the one in the QVB) to play amazing renditions of Anime theme songs. He must have so much time on his hands (literally…) to learn so many songs. Definitely worth checking out even if you have never heard of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. But of course you have, right?

Hara Kanako (はらかăȘこ)

Travelling over to Japan now to Hara Kanako who does a mixture of covers, own material and live sets featuring her cats. Somehow, she manages to continue playing whilst they wander around her keyboard! They are very cute. But anyways, her skills on the piano are something I can only dream of. I think what originally brought me to her channel was her various covers of Ryuichi Sakamoto pieces (some of which I can play too!), but hearing her own work is also worth checking out.

The wrap

So there you have it. There is so much good content these days and so many ways to learn music, it really does suprise me how far things have come.

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