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Hi, my name is Nick McHardy and I work as a Solution Designer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I’ve been there since late 2014.

I’m the founder of Purple Toaster, which specialises in a serverless CMS (that also powers this website!) called Koi CMS. Although Purple Toaster is 10 years old, Koi CMS has been actively developed since July 2017.

I am a former presenter of a community radio programme called The Fusion Delusion from 2011 to 2018.

Previously, I joined Lendlease as a software developer in 2005, where I was the co-owner of the Digital Domain, delivering a variety of business intelligence, ETL, data warehousing, websites and other solutions for Lendlease until 2014. I wrote the first version of ARTI (Almost Real-time Interface), which is Lendlease’s web-service and JMS-based integration tool between IBM Cognos TM1 and Oracle Financials and I’ve worked on many digital projects at Lendlease over the past few years including their Sitecore-based Retail websites.