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My Travels Through Video Card History

Watching Evangelion like its 1999


That spoken word sample in 3 Play it Cool

My favourite music channels on YouTube


Being in the office

Akio Morita and Leadership Culture

Building a custom NAS in 2021

Can you post-moderate architechure?

50 shades of asphalt

So I'm a 'Creator Innovator', what does that mean when working with ideas?

My site on a text-based browser

Turning a classic CRT into a Smart TV

My favourite YouTube channels right now

On Robert Miles

Markdown to HTML Theme Test

Interview Questions

How Shigeru Miyamoto Inspires Architecture and Leadership in Me


Last post for 2020

A question of scaling

COVID: A Status Update

Big Box PC Games

My Web Routine

Work from Home towns in NSW

Better compression with brotli encoding on AWS CloudFront

A business supplies redirection scam

Detective Conan: Episode One - The Great Detective Turned Small - Review

Super Simple SEO Guide

What if machine learning is ubiquitous as email?

2020 Goals, a Progress Update

Long Live the Web

New Section: Garden Diary

Why the purple toasters?

Learning About Leadership Episode 1

Adding lazy loading for images in Hugo static site generator

Google Home + Spotify + Screenshots = Mixtape

Working through COVID-19

How I became a Senior Digital Architect

A new day, a new theme

My goals for 2020

2019 A Year in Review


Typical journeys that we go on using a car

A Small Business NBN Experience

A Comparison of Electric Cars in Australia under $100k

Thoughts on working the side hustle

Why I have a blog

A history of my corner of the web

That time I wanted to host a video game music radio show

On Happiness Road - Movie Review

Green Book - Movie Review

Intimate Strangers - Movie Review

The Shawshank Redemption - Movie Review

Extreme Job - A Movie Review

My Favourite Project

Them Dial-up Days

Architecture update for Serverless CMS with AWS and Hugo

LAN Party: a retrospective

On being an Engineering Manager

The resurgence of radio (for me)

Mobile vs Desktop: State of my corner of the Internet

Using Amazon Polly to automatically generate podcasts


The day I found had stolen my content

Doing Products instead of Projects

The Green is (almost) Back

Counting lines of code in Koi CMS

Analytics as Code

Using Amazon Rekognition to produce better alt tags

The Humble MiniDisc

Why I openly share my calendar across the whole org and you should too

Ryuichi Sakamoto's Coda: A Review

Why the Sega Dreamcast is the best console of all time

How I manage a product backlog with my version of Kanban

Serverless Koi CMS 1 Year Review

Adventure Games: What's with all the clowns?

Serverless CMS Deployment Using CircleCI

Kids of today reacting to a classic Twin Famicom and CRT TV

Stalking and Personal Marketing

Serverless and lambda: what to do when you run out of disk space

Common website vulnerability scans found in logs

Adjusting the solution when S3 doesn't quite fit the bill

Beneath a Steel Sky Review

How much does it cost to run a serverless CMS on AWS?

Hanging up the Fusion Delusion mic one last time

Building a serverless CMS using AWS and Hugo

Laser Soul Track of the Week

Books that I've helped publish


Juniper SRX210 PPPoA Configuration for Internode


Watching movies when you don't really have enough time

ABC Digital Network launches two new blogs this week

AWS Certificate Manager makes it cheap and easy to enable HTTPS on your website


Fusion Jazz - what's it all about anyway?

My thoughts about AWS API Gateway working with AWS Lambda

I'm on a mission to find out if software architecture can be lean and agile

In case you were listening

Nathan's secret magic synth scale

The obsession with the letter 'X'

Renoise 3.0 and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Tips for someone new to Community Radio

16 Years in the Industry

Observations of two months of Mac


Things to consider when comparing houses and property

When Scrum/Agile/XP works your own way

My quick music notation system that needs an attractive name

Latest project - Hawkesbury History, People and Places

Pnau's Sambanova was re-released, but is there a difference?

Real estate, it's another language

Counterfeit Australian Money - Fake $10 Note

The 'noindex' Day

Why radio has got it right (and TV hasn't)

What's the story, morning radio?


The Lutecia Story