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 / My Favourite Project

 / Them Dial-up Days

 / Architecture update for Serverless CMS with AWS and Hugo

 / LAN Party: a retrospective

 / On being an Engineering Manager

 / The resurgence of radio (for me)

 / Mobile vs Desktop: State of my corner of the Internet

 / Using Amazon Polly to automatically generate podcasts


 / The day I found had stolen my content

 / Doing Products instead of Projects

 / The Green is (almost) Back

 / Counting lines of code in Koi CMS

 / Analytics as Code

 / Using Amazon Rekognition to produce better alt tags

 / The Humble MiniDisc

 / Why I openly share my calendar across the whole org and you should too

 / Ryuichi Sakamoto's Coda: A Review

 / Why the Sega Dreamcast is the best console of all time

 / How I manage a product backlog with my version of Kanban

 / Serverless Koi CMS 1 Year Review

 / Adventure Games: What's with all the clowns?

 / Serverless CMS Deployment Using CircleCI

 / Kids of today reacting to a classic Twin Famicom and CRT TV

 / Stalking and Personal Marketing

 / Serverless and lambda: what to do when you run out of disk space

 / Common website vulnerability scans found in logs

 / Adjusting the solution when S3 doesn't quite fit the bill

 / Beneath a Steel Sky Review

 / How much does it cost to run a serverless CMS on AWS?

 / Hanging up the Fusion Delusion mic one last time

 / Building a serverless CMS using AWS and Hugo

 / Laser Soul Track of the Week


 / Juniper SRX210 PPPoA Configuration for Internode


 / Watching movies when you don't really have enough time

 / ABC Digital Network launches two new blogs this week

 / AWS Certificate Manager makes it cheap and easy to enable HTTPS on your website


 / Fusion Jazz - what's it all about anyway?

 / My thoughts about AWS API Gateway working with AWS Lambda

 / I'm on a mission to find out if software architecture can be lean and agile

 / In case you were listening

 / Nathan's secret magic synth scale

 / The obsession with the letter 'X'

 / Renoise 3.0 and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

 / Tips for someone new to Community Radio

 / 16 Years in the Industry

 / Observations of two months of Mac


 / Things to consider when comparing houses and property

 / When Scrum/Agile/XP works your own way

 / My quick music notation system that needs an attractive name

 / Latest project - Hawkesbury History, People and Places

 / Pnau's Sambanova was re-released, but is there a difference?

 / Real estate, it's another language

 / Counterfeit Australian Money - Fake $10 Note

 / The 'noindex' Day

 / Why radio has got it right (and TV hasn't)

 / What's the story, morning radio?


 / The Lutecia Story