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Scientific Name: Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum


Unfortunately, it is not the fragrant version. Takes up a lot of room and creates a lot of shade from all of the large “elephant ear” shaped leaves, despite making only small tubers most of the time. If you leave the plant long enough in the ground though, it does deliver some big ones111!

We actually have multiple types growing, the image in the gallery is a different type to the current crop which seems to produce much smaller rhizomes.


Update on 2020-07-23:

Steamed the little rhizomes today. Very little flavour but an amazing texture like a ball of perfectly smooth mashed potato.

Update on 2020-07-22:

Harvested one plant today. Looks like it’s a teeny-tiny version of taro! I can’t believe how small the rhizome is compared to how ginormous the leaves and stems are. It’s really odd looking to have such a large plant like this!

Plant, Food, Produce, Vegetable, Leek, Root

Plant, Root, Produce, Food, Vegetable, Fungus, Turnip

Taro produce in a glove

Bowl of taro


Mostly came from a bulk pack of mini-taro from the Fruitarian Supermarket, Ashfield for $2.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Image of Taro

Photo Gallery Image of Taro

Photo Gallery Image of Taro

Photo Gallery Image of Taro

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