Scientific Name: Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum


Unfortunately, it is not the fragrant version. Takes up a lot of room and creates a lot of shade from all of the large “elephant ear” shaped leaves, despite having such small produce.

We actually have multiple types growing, the image in the gallery is a different type to the current crop which seems to produce much smaller rhizomes.


Update on 2020-07-23:

Steamed the little rhizomes today. Very little flavour but an amazing texture like a ball of perfectly smooth mashed potato.

Update on 2020-07-22:

Harvested one plant today. Looks like it’s a teeny-tiny version of taro! I can’t believe how small the rhizome is compared to how ginormous the leaves and stems are. It’s really odd looking to have such a large plant like this!

Plant, Food, Produce, Vegetable, Leek, Root

Plant, Root, Produce, Food, Vegetable, Fungus, Turnip

Taro produce in a glove

Bowl of taro


Mostly came from a bulk pack of mini-taro from the Fruitarian Supermarket, Ashfield for $2.

Photo Gallery

Feature image of Taro

Photo Gallery Image of Taro

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