I am a software designer, radio presenter of the Fusion Delusion and purveyor of fine purple toasters.

Renoise 3.0 and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

So recently I picked up a usb-based magic box from Focusrite called Scarlett 18i8 that lets you record several channels of audio into your computer as well as midi in/out and so forth. Pretty standard stuff these days, so nothing amazing to report there. The reason for buying it is my PC doesn't actually have a sound card (or a video card built-in, either, for that matter).

Tips for someone new to Community Radio

The beauty about community radio is it gives a real opportunity to those otherwise might not get to sit behind the mic and broadcast their show to the local community (and often overseas too, with the addition of online streaming). A lot has been said about why community radio is valuable to Australia and why funding should continue. I'm a big fan of the effort to continue to promote the need to have bandwidth and grants for more than just commercial and public broadcasters.

16 Years in the Industry

Now the other day I had a colleague of mine refer to the need to get "out" of the development industry (software development, that is) because of a variety of reasons, mostly centred around the need to report through the artificial introduction of agile, scrum, lean, whateveryoucallit methodologies.

Whilst I don't want to discuss the merits and pitfalls of said methods (it could go to great lengths), no the purpose of this blog is something a little more personal.

Observations of two months of Mac

This was not intended to be a whinge-fest, just a list of a general observations of annoyances from using a Mac for work for the past 2 months.

I've used Macs many times before, and in fact using one is a bit nostalgic as it reminds me of high school where the computers were mostly Macs. But. There are a few niggling issues that are annoying but don't really stop me from completing my work. They just make life that little bit harder.

This is all from my experiences on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014). Here are my observations:

Things I like

Boogie Page is... boogier

Earthy and strongly rhythmic rock music conducive to dancing; also : a period of or occasion for dancing to this music

This is just a quick plug for the "Boogie Page" with seriously good music, all youtube-linked, ready for your enjoyment.

Check it out here.