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When Scrum/Agile/XP works your own way

scrum estimation board

Recently, I've been working on a project that is rebuilding approximately 18 websites with a new theme, latest CMS software (Sitecore 7.2), MVC and other fancy front-end things (AngularJS, latest jQuery, Bootstrap, font-awesome, and a bunch of other "vendor" packages). What I have noticed is that although we are using some aspects of Scrum or Agile or whatever it is called these days (it's just a revision of eXtreme Programming right - but people aren't called "programmers" any more for some reason), there are many things that you need to see if they work for you.

My quick music notation system that needs an attractive name

For a long time, I've used a quick notation for jotting down songs with minimal of effort but also with conveying the general idea and feel of the song.

I have no name for the notation, nor do I claim to have invented it since it was pretty much borne out of the PLAY command in QBasic (more on QBasic in a future article that I have half-written - it's going to be gold).

Latest project - Hawkesbury History, People and Places

Hawkesbury.org web shot

Well it's been a little while since I've posted here, mainly because I have so many projects on the go at once. More to be revealed later, of course.

But for this blog I would like to talk about a not so new project of mine, namely Hawkesbury History, People & Places or more easily just "www.hawkesbury.org".

What is it?

Pnau's Sambanova was re-released, but is there a difference?

Pnau - Sambanova Blog Image

This has always intrigued me. Pnau released their Sambanova album then only after gaining popularity it gets pulled from stores because it contains uncleared and uncredited samples. It is then re-released under a new label, this time with Warner Music. I am lucky enough to have both copies here in front of me and despite having different cover art and a slightly different track listing, it begs the question: Original Pressing Peking Duck vs Warner Music, just what is the difference?