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Another day, another blog

Amazing. Here it is.

Nothing too much to report at this stage, although I have to say getting up early sucks! Had to get up at 6.30 this morning to get to work by 7 (hah... so lazy I am). Leaving early in the arvo was the ticket but ... it never ends up that way. I'd rather start at 9 and leave a little after 5. Starting early only means you end up working until 4ish or 5ish anyways!

Oh yes, the whole point of getting in early was to get the Informatica PowerCenter 9.0.1 upgrade done. Yes, for those playing meeting bingo, we WENT LIVE. Hah.

Drupal + ozrs 2010

Well, it turns out Drupal is actually more popular than I previously thought.
According to the official graph: http://drupal.org/project/usage/drupal
...there are over 300,000 sites using the current stable version of 6.x. The Alpha, version 7, which I am using, is about 1,000. That's still quite a lot I reckon.

Speaking of things Drupal, the plan is to complete the following "highly important" "missing bits" first:

First Blog on Drupal 7

Welcome to the new nisch.org which has been built using a popular CMS product *cough Drupal* and not my own code (for the first time ever).

There are few things missing in Drupal which my old site somehow managed to do:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Yell Box
  • Avatars for registered users
  • Images in articles/blogs including attachments

This is probably because I'm using Drupal 7 which is not really past the 'Alpha' stage... hah oh well. There may be issues. There may be bugs (I've found some already). Harden up.

Attempting to Vote

Right so it's time to vote today? Yes. So off I go to the local public school to vote, as per normal. The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze and everything feels normal.

I get to my local public school and there is no-one shoving propaganda in my face.. hmm.. must be outlawed these days. Ah well. Carry on.

I get into the school premises and there is a guy in a full-size Star Wars Storm Trooper outfit talking to (what I presume) his daughter, finishing each sentence with a "kerrshpppt", as if he is talking on a walkie talkie.