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Ubercart bug duplicates order products and the wonders of open source

So, open source eh? Full of bugs? Perhaps. But at least you can fix them if you try hard enough.
There's a really annoying bug in Ubercart 2.3 that doubles up products in an order every time you try to add more products. The same also happens when you try and delete products from the order. So you end up with a very large and expensive order. Not good.
I spent the last 2 and a half hours digging through the code and found it was doing a save before adding the products. Then it does another save.


With the addition of an SSD, the upgrade is now complete. Had to find a way to Beaconsfield this arvo with Boyter (spent a bit of time wandering around the 'burbs) to pick up a couple of SSD's. The "shop" was in the front of some guy's house. Literally. But they were cheap and fast so all was good. Ordered & picked up on the same day. I've actually ordered one from MSY but they haven't called me so I have given up on them. Typical MSY.

SSD's are are so small and light you wonder what on earth you are paying for. "Will this thing actually work?" you wonder.



Well I've just got back after a 4 day / 3 night excursion to Gloucestor and Barrington Tops (more on that later when I upload the photos). For the moment, I have been for some reason become addicted to disco. No idea how that happened. Here's a sample.

NX3 Progress

Well I've made a fair amount of progress on NX3 lately, to the point where I'm almost ready to release it to you!

If you are an eager beaver, you can check it out here. No doubt there will be bugs but oh well. At least it has been deployed! Oh yeah, and because it is basically a complete re-write from the database to the code to the template that you actually see, not all features are available yet. For example, I have only released the following modules: