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Welcome to my blog, where I cover tech, games and whatever else that’s interesting in the universe like vinyl, fusion jazz and side projects.

This website is inspired by the web of the late 90s - no, not just the style of the site - but also harking back to a time when people would set up websites (probably on Geocities or similar) and write about anything that interested them. Most of the websites looked terrible (my first few sites were no exception) but it was so liberating having your own site. So here’s my modern-day version of that late 90s vibe.

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Building a custom NAS in 2021

📅 Posted 2021-10-15 (13 minute read)

Lately I’ve been looking into NAS (Network Attached Storage) for home so that I can access my files from any computer at home. I guess moving everything to “the cloud” would be an option but could get costly depending on how much data I want to shift and with the crippled Australian internet with really poor upload speeds (my top tier ‘best available’ connection caps out at 40mbps upload), maybe having a few files on a local store would be more practical.


Can you post-moderate architechure?

📅 Posted 2021-09-11 (10 minute read)

This is a bit of a thought experiment. Recently I wondered about how much rigour and big G ‘governance’ is helpful in architecture. Specifcally, the digital architecture kind I’m involved with in a daily basis. I want to see the role of governance accelerating teams to make great architectural decisions, not to hinder them. In some ways, this is similar to prescriptive procurement processes passed down from generation to generation: if they’re preventing teams from making great decisions, maybe the process isn’t so good after all?


50 shades of asphalt

📅 Posted 2021-08-28 (3 minute read)

Next time you’re on the road, look around you. Experience the sea of cars all painted with greys, silvers, charcoals, gunmetals, blacks and whites. But mostly you’ll probably just see that super common “tar” colour. Why are cars so darn boring when it comes to colours these days? We have the technology to use such a huge range of colour and yet every car on the road is somehow almost the same colour as the road itself!


So I'm a 'Creator Innovator', what does that mean when working with ideas?

📅 Posted 2021-08-25 (8 minute read)

So I haven’t posted about leadership training for a while now, so it’s probably a good time to get back into sharing my thoughts and experiences. For context, the leadership team in my job meets as a group, approximately every month or so, for half a day, to improve how we work together. Today, I’d like to drill into the topic of “ideas” as they relate to some personality profiling we also did.


My site on a text-based browser

📅 Posted 2021-08-13 (1 minute read)

Super quick post today, could probably be a tweet, but eh! Here’s what this site looks like on a text-based browser, in this case, Lynx: Not bad I reckon. I can imagine a lot of modern sites look pretty trash in CLI mode. But I guess this site is hardly trying to be “modern” from it’s design, I mean, chiselled buttons that look like buttons? That would never be allowed in a modern site!