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Last post for 2020

📅 Posted 2020-12-31 (7 minute read)

Well, I thought I would have more time for this, but as luck would have it, I’m writing this on a mere 2.5 hours away from the magic midnight-new-year deadline. So I’ll just write whatever comes to mind and I feel like sharing. I’ll share whatever photo I’ve taken recently as the featured photo. Here’s a cricket bat stuck in the tree, for safe keeping, in Ashfield. Oh, I’ve got a few photos taken which I should really get onto the site in the garden diary but they will have to wait until next year.


A question of scaling

📅 Posted 2020-12-04 (4 minute read)

For some background, I run a small web design/hosting/what-have-you business on the side of my main career. I’ve written about this before here. Interestingly, most of my clients are either dentists or dental specialists. I thought it’s time to think back over the past 12 months - as much as they’ve been pretty unusual - and reflect on what’s next for the little old purple toaster. I’ve continued to maintain the serverless CMS “Koi CMS” that I created, since it does make maintaining websites so very nice (I’m using it right now, of course!


COVID: A Status Update

📅 Posted 2020-11-22 (8 minute read)

So it’s been pretty much 8 months to the day since we entered the “everybody work from home” era of 2020. Mid-March. That feels like an eternity away, yet 2020 has gone so very, very fast. This part is not unusual. However, 2020, what a year it has been. It’s not quite over yet, with about 5 weeks to go until the end of the year. And it was certainly a very different year compared to 2019 (I can’t believe it was our first Euro trip - got in just in time, it turns out).


Big Box PC Games

📅 Posted 2020-10-12 (7 minute read)

Recently I’ve been following the trend on collecting “big box” PC games. You know the ones, mostly from the 90’s, from particular software houses like Apogee, Sierra, Lucasarts, MicroProse, Maxis… This is a great video explainer from Ahoy (and the host’s voice is so damn calming, too): Thanks to a tip-off from a work colleague, I picked up a nice copy of MegaRace (which for some reason had a 2nd CD copy in the box - bonus!


My Web Routine

📅 Posted 2020-10-08 (4 minute read)

I found this book (505 Unbelievably Stupid Web P@ges) on my bookshelf from 2003 (it was a gift at the time) and I really doubt many of the sites from back then are still around today. Maybe they are. And who would write a book about websites and print it anyway? Madness that could only come from the dotcom era. So I have this bit of a routine thing going on where I visit a core set of sites each day.