Koi Pond

Koi Pond is a "serverless" web publishing platform based on a bunch of AWS services without running

It's primary focus is to trial the delivery of a web publishing platform without running a specific web servers.

That is, there are no EC2 instances. The entire application is delivered through 'on demand' services such as Dynamo DB, Lambda, API Gateway and S3.

What does it look like? A bit like this.

Screenshot of Koi Pond CMS

The key advantages are:

  • Usage-based cost model which is pay-as-you-go
  • High reliability by deploying through S3 and CloudFront CDN technologies
  • High scale to large traffic volumes
  • API-enabled for extensibility
  • Template-driven web authoring
  • Simplified interface for getting the job done more easily

For more information, visit the official Koi Pond site: https://koipond.io/