Speaker Designs

Auscoustics AS40

I like to design loud speakers which not only sound great but also look good and are gentle on the hip pocket.

They were mostly MDF boxes covered lovingly in thick blue paint and then I decided to use real wood veneer (aka thin plywood). Now they are works of art! It's a continual mission of improvement, y'see.

Here's a logo I drew last time I flew overseas. Not a bad use of time, I figured.

Anyways, here are a few models I've built over the years:

Auscoustics AS-40

Woofer: Peerless P830875 Woofer/Mid 6.5" HDS-Nomex
Tweeter: 2 x Vifa XT25TG-30-04 VIFA Dual Concentric Super Tweeter
Crossover: 2 WAY 60Wrms 12dB/Octave @ 2K3Hz Part# XN212-1
Port: TBC

These are my standard stereo speakers which are great for music but also double as TV/movie speakers. In hindsight the enclosure could've been made a bit larger for better bottom-end bass response, but I didn't want anything too big sitting on my bookshelf. Plus, I was limited in the size of the plywood veneer sheeting (it's 3mm thick).

All of the box has been built using 13mm MDF however it's doubled up on the front to ensure there is no distortion of the front panel under significant levels of volume.

Sitting in the sweet spot (ie on-axis) these bad boys sound better than any headphones I've tried, especially in the amount of clear highs that the Vifa dual-concentric tweeters pump out. Apparently they go to 40kHz but as I am not a dog, I cannot vouch for this.

They are named "40" because they essentially have a -3db response of 40hz to 40khz. Not bad for a small displacement speaker.

Oh and I doubled the tweeters because they are 4ohm to match the 8ohm woofer.

Auscoustics AS-30

Woofer: Peerless P830491 8" Subwoofer Xtra-Long Stroke (XLS) 8 Ohm
Plate Amp: 240w (4 ohm) / 150w (8 ohm) Jaycar Part# AA0501 (discontinued)

This is a matching subwoofer to go with the AS-40 to make a 2.1 set. It's a work in progress. Plan is to use a 8" Peerless woofer and a 150w or so plate amp that I recycled from an earlier 12" carbon fibre woofer bass explosion (it's far too crazy to run in a house).

Update - Feb 2015

Construction has begun. I now have a very solid 16mm MDF enclosure of approx. 67L in capacity. Braced. Double baffled on front. Dual 50mm ports on rear. Ply for veneering has been sourced (2 sheets, 4mm, marine ply, red grain finish). I just need to route 45 degree corners on the ply sheets and glue them on. Totally easier said than done!

Tuning is 67L with 2 x 50mm ports (length 127mm) achieves -3db response down to 33hz. This thing should sound awesome when complete!

Mental note: Bunnings cut the MDF for $1 per cut. So it's cheap. But they don't always cut to the size perfectly. Lucky the veneer will cover small discrepancies in sizes.

Update - May 2015

No real progress on the speaker, but I now have a man-cave/shed so I can move the unfinished speaker box to the shed and have some more space in the lounge room. Certain members of my household would be most pleased.

Auscoustics AS-20

Woofer: Peerless P830890 HDS 6.5" Bass/Mid Woofer
Tweeter: Peerless P811582 1" Fabric Dome Tweeter
Crossover: TBC
Port: TBC

This is a set of 2-way stereo monitors to be used in a studio. The are veneered in 3mm ply for aesthetic. Surprisingly decent bass response.

Legacy Designs

If I get game enough I may publish some legacy designs.