Renoise 3.0 and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

So recently I picked up a usb-based magic box from Focusrite called Scarlett 18i8 that lets you record several channels of audio into your computer as well as midi in/out and so forth. Pretty standard stuff these days, so nothing amazing to report there. The reason for buying it is my PC doesn't actually have a sound card (or a video card built-in, either, for that matter).

Pnau's Sambanova was re-released, but is there a difference?

Pnau - Sambanova Blog Image

This has always intrigued me. Pnau released their Sambanova album then only after gaining popularity it gets pulled from stores because it contains uncleared and uncredited samples. It is then re-released under a new label, this time with Warner Music. I am lucky enough to have both copies here in front of me and despite having different cover art and a slightly different track listing, it begs the question: Original Pressing Peking Duck vs Warner Music, just what is the difference?