Tips for someone new to Community Radio

The beauty about community radio is it gives a real opportunity to those otherwise might not get to sit behind the mic and broadcast their show to the local community (and often overseas too, with the addition of online streaming). A lot has been said about why community radio is valuable to Australia and why funding should continue. I'm a big fan of the effort to continue to promote the need to have bandwidth and grants for more than just commercial and public broadcasters.

The "noindex" Day

This is the story of how one check box caused 4 weeks of heartache and suffering.

The day started well, I was moving house and hired a ute to pick up the final few things from my apartment. I'd already done most of the heavy lifting with the help of my family and a truck with a tailgate lift on another day. But today was simply a few last minute things and a day off work to complete the job. Or so I thought.

What's the story, morning radio?

So why is Digital Radio in cars so behind the times?

I mean, if you have a look for digital radios there are plenty of nice units for sale for use in your house. Little speakers, pull up the antenna, cute lunch box size. Perfect for that Sunday morning radio time with the paper and a croissant. But where are the radios in the car?

Today's discussion is thus: if Digital Radio really wants to be successful in Australia, why are the choices of Digital Radios for cars so limited?