Renoise 3.0 and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

So recently I picked up a usb-based magic box from Focusrite called Scarlett 18i8 that lets you record several channels of audio into your computer as well as midi in/out and so forth. Pretty standard stuff these days, so nothing amazing to report there. The reason for buying it is my PC doesn't actually have a sound card (or a video card built-in, either, for that matter).

My quick music notation system that needs an attractive name

For a long time, I've used a quick notation for jotting down songs with minimal of effort but also with conveying the general idea and feel of the song.

I have no name for the notation, nor do I claim to have invented it since it was pretty much borne out of the PLAY command in QBasic (more on QBasic in a future article that I have half-written - it's going to be gold).