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Pyrmont Dentist - Pyrmont Dental Health

Pyrmont Dental Health are now offering a deal...

For All New Patients: No Gap on Checkup & Clean
Checkup, clean, all x-rays – no out-of-pocket.

Might have to take advantage of this myself on Friday.

Makes having private health insurance almost worth it... except that you have to pay through the nose and don't get much out of it unless you get a new pair of glasses every month and really enjoy massages...

The Lutecia Story

(Apologies for the long read - pics are at the bottom!)

Well, for a while now I've been fancying to "JDM" my Clio by swapping the rear badge for a "Lutecia" badge. You see, the Clio is sold in Japan as a "Lutecia" because Honda own the copyright to the name "Clio" in Japan.

I do quite like the debadged look on an RS, but since the Clio II has 2 holes being the "Clio" badge, I didn't fancy completely removing this one.

Happy New Year 2012

Yes well it's been another year since I last blogged, so I consider this quite timely.

Happy New Year.

Lots of things done last year (just don't look for such things in my blog). Lots of things to do this year.

Biggest news? We bought a remote control inflatable floating shark to fly around the office. For Kicks. Maybe we are a bit bored?

That's about all really... unless someone wants to find me a house. For free. Ha!

Upgraded, finally

Yes, this blog indicates that I've upgraded to the latest version of Drupal, albeit in a slightly manual function. Oh well. Hopefully I won't have to do this again for a LONG time. Comparing and copying tables one by one isn't too nice...

Oh yes, Happy New Year, y'all.