Fusion Delusion Playlist - 6th April 2015

9:36pm - T-Square - The Number
9:41pm - California Flight Project - God Gifted
9:47pm - Tom Grant - High School Fantasies
9:55pm - The Eleventh House featuring Larry Coryell - Kowloon Jag
10:02pm - Yellowjackets - Imperial Strut
10:08pm - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives
10:17pm - Kadenza - Livin' in the Back Street
10:24pm - Bob James - Sign Of The Times
10:29pm - Lee Ritenour - Night Rhythms
10:36pm - Alphonse Mouzon - Carbon Dioxide
10:43pm - Ronny Jordan - The Jackal
10:53pm - Alphonse Mouzon - Snowbound

Fusion Delusion Playlist - 30th March 2015

9:37pm - T-Square - Before it's Gone Too Far
9:44pm - Larry Coryell - Rocks
9:52pm - Lee Ritenour - Fly By Night
9:55pm - Harmonia - Veterano
10:06pm - Herbie Hancock - Actual Proof
10:15pm - Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man
10:25pm - Thunderflash - Reach Your High Tonight
10:33pm - Jeff Lorber - Hudson
10:35pm - MFSB - Freddie's Dead
10:45pm - Spyro Gyra - Conversations
10:49pm - Alphonse Mouzon - Golden Rainbows
10:58pm - Roy Ayers - Everytime I See You

The obsession with the letter "X"

This is going to be another long one! Apologies for any typos, my cat was sitting on the keyboard for some period of time during the writing of this blog.

Today I will describe my obsession with the letter "X". No other letter was just quite as awesome during my childhood. Was there anything the letter X could not do? Triple X Radio being probably the most inappropriately named station, for a 7 year old. Keen? Read on!

XLAB, XLAB Computer Co. and XLAB OS

Tips for someone new to Community Radio

The beauty about community radio is it gives a real opportunity to those otherwise might not get to sit behind the mic and broadcast their show to the local community (and often overseas too, with the addition of online streaming). A lot has been said about why community radio is valuable to Australia and why funding should continue. I'm a big fan of the effort to continue to promote the need to have bandwidth and grants for more than just commercial and public broadcasters.

Fusion Delusion Playlist - 23rd March 2015

9:34pm T-Square - Surfin' USSR
9:41pm Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Truth
9:47pm Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
9:53pm CAB - The Pub
10:01pm Bob James - Night Crawler
10:06pm Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis
10:11pm Larry Coryell - Cover Girl
10:21pm Michelle Wallace - It's Right
10:30pm Can - A Spectacle
10:37pm Jazz Pistols - Spain
10:59pm Kashmere Stage Band - Scorpio