Yes it’s probably time I actually listed these out somewhere.

Sorry mobile users. This page is gonna get naaasty.

Here we go, call it post-disco or boogie or lazer soul or 80′s funk soul… it’s just the best damn music ever.

Most of these songs have featured on The Fusion Delusion on East Side Radio over the past 3 or so years. I couldn’t easily posted these up as a blog but I plan on updating the list as we go! This will basically form your ultimate resource of the best boogie tracks that your ears have never been graced with.

Massive shout out to Beat Electric for the inspiration and all the great folks over at East Side Radio for putting up with the odd disco adventure in what is normally a fusion jazz radio show. Maximum points for the use of analogue synths, break downs, solos, crazy vocals and the snap clap. Wait, no, no snap claps. They are bad mmm.

Now this ain’t no Saturday Night Fever or Earth, Wind and Fire list… no no… these tracks have to be MINT and rare. We’re talking $150+ for a 12″ single re-issue that’s beat up real bad… and yet people still fork out $$$ for it.

Without any further introduction, here is the list!

Alright one more thing. I’ve tried to put them in order, with the best damn track in the world first up! Mega props to you, Barbara Fowler!

Best Boogie Tracks of All Time

Barbara Fowler – Come and Get My Lovin

Aaron Broomfield – Polyphase

Mid Air – Ease Out

C-Bank – One More Shot

Raven – So In Love

Komiko - Feel Alright

The S.O.S Band – Just Be Good To Me

Peter Brown – Do You Want to Get Funky With Me

Tracy Weber – Sure Shot

Vicky D – This Beat is Mine

Kadenza – Let’s Do It

George Chandler – This Could Be the Night

The Pointer Sisters – Dare Me

Starpoint – Wanting You

AM FM - You Are the One

Junei – You Must Go On

Phew. Hopefully your browser didn’t just die in the pants over that pile of sneaky iframe tags. More Youtube & Discogs links and seriously awesome tracks coming later, when I find those bad boys!

PS: DTOTW = Disco Track of the Week, of course.